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    I am impressed by your vocabulary. Not too many people today know the words oaf much less “tiff.” My tablet isn’t even letting me type it in. And I thought I had a good vocabulary. This movie was consciously made for an international audience and took care to present a new slant on a fantasy legend. I liked it. Especially the historical accuracy. There really was a George Washington Williams and he did keep the US out of the Congo due to the slavery by King Leopold. Entertaining and a historically accurate educational movie. What more could a girl ask for? A buff Tarzan? That has been done so many times. Yawn. This retelling was nice and I was happy to see a great female lead.

    How Tarzan evolved from oaf to toff and back again

    ‘Bout time.

    Ghost In The Shell Just Added A Wolverine Actress

    Movies set in submarines make me feel claustrophobic.

    Colin Firth to star in Russian submarine disaster film Kursk

    If the whole movie is as funny as this trailer, then this promises to be an entertainment feast.

    Bebop And Rocksteady Steal The Spotlight In New Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer

    I think it was a good ending because it was bittersweet. Benson seems happy and it’s not like they killed her off. That would have been terrible.

    Why That Law and Order: SVU Shocker Happened The Way It Did

    The Rock will be great in this movie.

    Legendary Teams with Dwayne Johnson on Skyscraper Movie

    It would be good go see the Cap in between, especially in the Black Panther movie.

    Where Captain America Should Appear Next, According To Chris Evans

    Waiting with bated breath.

    Star Trek Beyond Footage Description & Fan Event Recap